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Speed Ticket Post Comment
by Kylie
Thursday Oct 26, 2017 comments: 0

I couldn't believe it when I was recently pulled over for going very very very fast. I was upset, nervous and anxious. I did the only thing I could think of and called my mom. She told me to call my Aunt, Wendy Bishop from www.NYticketdefenders. Aunt Wendy told me not to worry (after she yelled at me for a little while). Wendy did warn me that I may loose my license (and that I should) but that she and her team would fight for that to not happen. She went with me to court, and I walked out with my license and very few points. We were lucky and had a very nice and gentle judge whom Wendy privately asked him to yell at me. Her team was always responsive when I had questions and never made me feel rushed off the phone. I hope to never call them again, but just in case, I saved her number in favorites (well, it was already there anyway). Thanks Aunt Wendy!