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Speeding Ticket Post Comment
by Bernie
Thursday Oct 26, 2017 comments: 0

In January 2016 I got a speeding ticket for 93mph in a 55 zone. At first I didn't know what to do. I knew there was a chance I could lose my license if I were found guilty. I also work as an automotive technician. My license is required for my continued employment. I can't road test customer's vehicles to verify problems and repairs without it. Then I remembered seeing NY Ticket Defenders business page posted on Facebook. I went online, looked it up, liked the page and sent them a message. They replied within minutes. I asked for advice and ended up sending them a photo of the ticket. After consulting them I decided I was definitely better off hiring them to handle my ticket. The price was reasonable. They handled going to court. I didn't lose time taking off from work. They got the fine reduced. The best part though is, not only did I get to keep my license, they got the points down to only two. I won't be paying higher insurance rates either. It was definitely more cost effective to have NY Ticket Defenders handle my case than to pay increased insurance rates from all the points for the next three to four years. I am very satisfied with the deal they got me in court and I highly recommend their services to anyone who ends up getting a traffic violation.