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Great work !!
Nothing but praise for Wendy. Couldn’t be happier with her services. Wendy is extremely professorial and easy to work with...she also fought my ticket and won! Highly recommend.
by Ketan Shah
Fantastic Results/Highly Recommend
Highly recommended! Wendy recently represented me in Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency Court. I had a 4 tickets and was faced with my license being suspended. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she was quickly able to get all the tickets dismissed, Yes folks All of them! 2-Cell phone tickets, 1- Seat belt, and Traffic control device ticket. I highly recommend Wendy and look forward to potentially working with her again in the future.
by Raphel Lloyd
Excellent Results; Great Communicator.
Wendy is a terrific lawyer. She handled two very difficult situations for my wife and I with speed and skill and got us the results we wanted....no points!! She was also excellent at keeping us in the loop and posted and we never had to go to court once!
by Steven Gawley
Top Notch Attorney!
Wendy was extremely easy to work with and over exceeded my expectations. Excellent communicate and professionalism!
by Anand Melwani
Amazing Results
Wendy is the best lawyer that I know. She took care of my severe bad tickets and got great results in back wich includes DISMISSED. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Best representation
Wendy bishop did an amazing job following up, making sure I was informed during the entire process. This experience was even more satisfying given that she got both my tickets dismissed!!. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to my friends.
by Adam Goldman
Honest, Respomsive, and Friendly!
I have nothing but great things to say about Wendy Bishop. I was referred to Wendy by a close friend and as soon as I contacted her, she promptly gave me advice over the phone. She was very honest, responsive, and friendly. I received a moving violation and Wendy motioned to dismiss my ticket. She won and had the ticket dismissed entirely without receiving any points or a fine. I highly recommend the services of Wendy Bishop, Esq!
by Michael Cianciulli
Customer Satisfaction
I have known Wendy for a few years through a mutual friend but it was not until her professional service was offered that I learned how knowledgeable she is when dealing with Traffic Tickets. Wendy was 100% efficient and I can highly recommend her to all! You will be a satisfied customer like me. So, don’t wait and stop by or make the call.
by Amelia
Omg! Wendy is amazing
11 points, loss of license, over $1,000 in fines Gone in less than 24 hours, Wendy you are a miracle worker Thank you!!
by Eric richter
Results beyond expectation
Ms. Bishop cam promptly to the rescue for a quite complex situation. She fought hard throughout the process, kept me in the loop with the details, and obtained a result which exceeded my expectations. I like her style and loved her results.
by Paul
No one like her!
Wendy Bishop is the best. I received a speeding ticket. After explaining the different options Wendy could pursue for me, I went with my intuitive gut hoping She would get the ticket dismissed. Wendy did just that and I am so grateful I hired Wendy to represent me. She is honest, available when necessary, and helps you to feel confident that everything will be okay. Thank you Wendy. You are the best.
by BG
Wendy Is The Best
Wendy is an extremely professional and hands on lawyer. She always makes herself available and explains clearly what the process will be moving forward. She did an exceptional and professional job reaching the outcome we hoped for. My daughter received a speeding ticket and Wendy was able to get the ticket dismissed with 0 points. She is a dedicated, honest, and caring lawyer, one who keeps you apprised of what is going on. She will always be our go to lawyer because we trust her.
by MG
Wendy Bishop!
Wendy Bishop knows how to get the job done! She does it expeditiously, professionally, and successfully! She takes what is typically an unpleasant experience, i.e., getting a ticket, and seeks and achieves the most satisfactory outcome for all parties. In the event you find yourself in such an unwelcome situation, I strongly advise you contact Wendy immediately.
by Jennifer
Awesome results!
Wendy was in point ! She got things done and delivered! ! Would definitely use her again!!!
by Sf
Wendy was amazing!!! She was able to decrease a ticket to zero points! I was very pleased with how efficient she was in following up with our tickets!
by F
Successful Dismissal!!
Overall working with Wendy was a phenomenal experience! She was able to get my traffic ticket completely dismissed, resulting in zero points and zero fines! Wendy was not only extremely diligent throughout the process, she was also efficient and professional. No doubt that working with her has been a satisfying experience having successfully yielded the result she set out to achieve. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone that needs representation... she is the best!
by Marc
Wendy is a excellent lawyer
wendy represented me in two traffic tickets. she successfully had them both dismissed.she went to court for me. She made the process of dealing with the legal system a lot easier. I highly recommend her.
by jonah
Incredible Result
I recently hired Wendy Bishop to defend me for a moving violation. She was absolutely incredible from the minute I contacted her. She walked me through the various scenarios, explaining each step along the way. She is extrenely knowledgeable about the process. In the end, my ticket was dismissed, and it happened as she explained it. I highly recommend using Wendy for any ticket situation you encounter.
by David Ozer
Highly Recommended!!
If anyone is in need of an Attorney to fight a Traffic Ticket / Moving Violation, please contact Wendy Bishop. Your in great hands, believe me. 6 point ticket down to ZERO, just a small fine. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.
by Sarbdeep
Conflict Mineral
I used Wendy to contest a U-Turn ticket recently. In a very short period of time, the ticket was reduced to a parking ticket. I found her to be highly professional and effective. I also found her fees to be very reasonable. I would use her services again in the future, and highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.
by Steve Maldonado