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Successfully Contested Ticket For Rolling Through Stop Sign
After receiving a questionable ticket for rolling through a stop sign, I consulted with and then hired Wendy to work on my case. She was able to reduce my exposure to a non-moving violation with a minor fine. Working with her was a pleasure and she made the entire process in dealing with the ticket and courts painless. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody dealing with traffic violations.
by Jonathan
Top notch
Very diligent. Thorough. Knowledgeable. Top attorney. Won the case. Highly recommended.
by Uri
I wish everything could be this easy!!!!
I was in trouble with the possibility of having a lot of points added to my license. I needed someone with the knowledge of a NYC courtroom. Wendy Bishop Esq. went above and beyond. She knows the courts. Handled everything without me having to worry about it one bit. Not only did she take control of the hearings but my ticket got completely dismissed! No points!! Thank you so much!!! Would highly recommend Wendy Bishop!!
by Stacy Wofsy
Very Happy
My son got a speeding ticket at Nassau County and one In Queens for going through a red light, not only that Wendy won both tickets but she got it done in less then 3 months Which is unheard of she is definitely the best and I strongly recommend her. I give her 20 stars for being the best.
by Eddie R
Amazing Results Again!
Wendy Bishop has represented me in the past and dropped everything to help me again. She was able to reduce my moving violation to no points. I did not even have to go to court! She worked hard and made this a completely stress free process. I can honestly say that if I or my family is ever faced with a situation like this again, I would not do it without Wendy Bishop by my side.
by Tiffany Klein
Very impressed -- amazing results
Wendy Bishop represented me on three traffic violations (at once!). She delivered amazing results with a dismissal and the others were reclassed as parking violations. The ordeal weighed heavily on my mind as my license was at risk, but Wendy had a plan the entire time, even when circumstances suddenly changed in the courts. She was responsive, quick, and reasonable. I would very highly recommend her!!
by Thomas D. (Nassua County)
I was stopped and given 5 tickets, I am not from the U.S not even NY. Wendy Bishop met with me right away and helped ease my anxiety. She was able to get the tickets dismissed and I did not even have to come to Court with her. She took the time to understand my case and promised what she delivered. I hope to never have to use her again, but saved her number just in case.
by Katia Stavroulaki
Life saver
Wendy was amazing! She did exactly what she promised me , zero points on my license. So happy that I called her.
by Carrie
Fantastic outcome!
Wendy was on top of every part of my case and helped me weigh my options leading to the best outcome, a much better one than I had expected. She was great to work with and made the process much more easy to navigate.
by JP
Highly recommend!
Wendy had my case dismissed, leaving you with no fines, penalties or points!
by Cameron Reichbach
HOV ticket
Wendy is professional and responsive. I "allegedly" crossed an HOV lane and got two tickets. She got it dismissed and fast. Great Job!
by Eric
Very satisfied
My son was facing a very delicate situation where his license was at issue. She met with me right away, on a weekend, and was compassionate. She took the time to discuss our options and explain what to expect. She handled the matter expeditiously and delivered exactly what she promised.
by Alan
Numero Uno!
I had a summons that I asked Wendy to handle. She handled it with ease and withno involvement on my part getting it dismissed. Wendy was so easy to work with and we never even had to meet!! We did everything over the phone/internet. She is the best to work with EVER!!
by Peter Heller
Wendy did an incredible job!!
I received 5 moving violations unjustly. I did not believe I committed all these alleged offense. The results would be significant points on my license with tremendous penalties. Wendy handled my situation with determination and confidence. She was upfront about what to expect. She did a great job getting dismissals on some and small fines with no points on the others.
by R
Highly Recommend
Pleasure to work with, easy and excellent results. She was able to reduce 4 tickets to 3 non-moving violations with no points. Highly recommend!
by JM
Incredible Results!!
Wendy is the best attorney! She helped me with my legal issue and answered all my questions! My results exceeded my expectations! I will recommend her to my family and friends!
by Bonnie
Highly Recommended!
After I left a message for Wendy and answered some simple questions about why I wanted to hire her, she handled everything else. Always kept me in the loop as to what was happening, and managed to help reduce my speeding ticket to a parking ticket. Quick and easy to work with!
by Jacob Semcken
Ticket Dismissed - no fines, no points!!
Stellar review for a lawyer who had my entire case dismissed. leaving me with penalties, fines or points. My insurance stayed the same. The best part about hiring Wendy Bishop of New York Ticket Defenders was that I did not have to be involved in the process from start to finish (minus the part of getting the ticket in the first place). Hiring Wendy allowed me to do my job while she took care of the legal aspect of fighting my ticket. She went over and above any expectations throughout the process and even more so with the results .
by Sima Lis
A successful win!!!
The entire case was dismissed leaving me with no penalties, fines or points. She was amazing!!! Wendy made the whole process stress free and easy!!!
by Beth
Great results
I hired Wendy Bishop, Esq. after I received a moving violation which would give me points on my license. Ms. Bishop was knowledgeable of the system and knew exactly how to handle this matter. I cannot thank her enough for the extraordinary work that she did in getting my ticket dismissed, no fine and no points. Although it was necessary for me to appear and testify, my dismissal was due to Ms. Bishop’s questions to the police officer which led to his credibility to be of issue. Thanks again. "
by Jodi