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Case dismissed!!
A big thank you goes out to Wendy Bishop and her team for all of their hard work and professionalism. Wendy’s knowledge and persistency kept my license from getting revoked indefinitely. This was a very tough time for me being my situation and Wendy did nothing but made it better. She was confident in my case and gave me hope when the courts didn’t. Good job to you Wendy and everyone in your office. Thank you again.
by Andrew Jost
Exceeded Expectations!!!
I hired Wendy Bishop to defend a speeding ticket I had received (20MPH over), and couldn't be happier with the results. I was referred to her by a family friend, and while I expected a favorable result, Wendy was able to exceed my expectations. Wendy attended court on my behalf, and was able to get my case COMPLETELY DISMISSED. No fine, no penalty, no points. She's very professional, knows the legal landscape well, and was able to offer me additional advice for defending myself on another matter. Thank you Wendy!!!!
by Ben S.
Don't Hesitate
I highly recommend that you call Wendy Bishop A.S.A.P if you get any driving ticket. She understands exactly how to handle them in an effective manner which will certainly result in a better outcome for you. She's smart, experienced, to the point and efficient. She also has a diverse skill set, is very connected and is an amazing asset to have by your side no matter your situation. #fivestars
by Beth K.
ZERO Points!
Having Wendy handle my case was the BEST decision I’ve ever made and she will be my go-to moving forward. Wendy took care of everything, understood my situation, fought for me and was triumphant. I learned two huge lessons the easy way; 1. Don’t speed and 2. If one doesn’t work- Call Wendy Bishop!
by E.Stichweh
My best friend encouraged me to call Wendy and I'm so grateful I did. TICKET DISMISSED!NO POINTS & NO FINE!
Wendy is amazing!! I got a speeding ticket for the first time in my 23-year driving career. Little did I know that the ticket was worth 6 points!! My best friend encouraged me to call Wendy and I'm so grateful I did. Not only did she take the stress out of the process altogether, I didn't have to appear in court and miss a day of work. Wendy texted me yesterday with the best news I could have imagined...TICKET DISMISSED! NO POINTS & NO FINE! I never even envisioned this scenario! I will be recommending Wendy and NY Ticket Defenders to everyone I know!THANK YOU!
by Lisa B.
Amazing News!!! Thank you so much!!!!
I got a speeding ticket and I needed to take of this right away. I contacted Wendy and she responded immediately! So fast! Best service. She communicate that she will do everything she could. And she did for sure!! I would recommend her to everyone!!! Thank you so much!!!!
by Tiffany G.
Super grateful for Wendy Bishop, shes been a lifesaver!
Wendy made dealing with the stress of a ticket disappear. (Twice) She will navigate the system for you, gathering your information and making the calls and showing up in court so you don't have to. I'm so appreciative and would happily recommend her...shes been a lifesaver!
by Amy L.
I am a lawyer myself but Wendy is my go to for all things traffic related
She did it again!!! Wendy is amazing! She got my ticket completely dismissed in Nassau County. No points...no fine...nothing! I could not ask for a better lawyer. I am a lawyer myself, but Wendy is my go to for all things traffic related. I couldn't find a way out of this ticket, but Wendy found it. She is an expert in her field. Call Wendy for any kind of traffic violation. I wouldn't call anyone else. Wendy is the best!!
by Jessica Kronrad, Lawyer
Wendy is awesome!  She is smart, efficient and helpful!  She got a uniquely difficult case 100% DISMISSED!!! I'm a happy happy client!
by Dana W.
I highly recommend Wendy if you need a lawyer in a tough spot!!!
debbie baum last week When I got a speeding ticket it was extremely stressful. It would have been at least 4 points off my License. I contacted Wendy Bishop and immediately she took the stress away with her confidence and experience. She completely handled everything from paperwork to Court and called the second it was over to tell me I had zero points. There is no-one better to fight for you. I trust her with any future situation and that makes me feel so much better!! I highly recommend Wendy if you need a lawyer in a tough spot!!! So much appreciation!!!!
by Deborah B.
Wendy was successful in having my tickets dismissed in a tricky situation where I knew I was not at fault, but was faced with an uphill battle.  As an attorney myself, I appreciated working with her, and can vouch for her work product as impeccable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a defense in this field.  She was excellent to work with and deserves all five stars!
by Ellie, Attorney
Wendy was so easy to work with and made the entire process stress free
Wendy was so easy to work with and made the entire process stress free for me. She is knowledgeable and keeps you up-to-date! She got me a very minimal fine and NO points!
by Bindya
Thank you!
Thank you for taking care of my moving violations and having it dismissed to zero points!
by Tracy
I can't praise Wendy enough!
I can't praise Wendy enough!  She was incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and wonderful to work with.  She helped me so much and made the whole process stress free.  I highly recommend her!
by Perri
Best Decision!
I was the best Decision to hire New York Ticket Defenders. Wendy Bishop is an incredible attorney. She got my ticket down and I received no points.  She was prompt, efficient and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her!!!
by Elizabeth K.
Amazing professional Esq!!
I endorse this lawyer because of 1) results 2) competence 3) professionalism 4) saved me and my referrals money and points 5) advanced the cost of fine 6) saved me time and headache. I have personally used her and have happily & successfully recommended others to her.
by Herb Marek, Esq
Extremely Pleased. Beyond professional & responsive!
I could not have been more pleased with the service that Wendy Bishop provided me. I waited way too long to contact her and I had to reply to the violation in a week. She was on her way out of town but still took my case, got my violation information , contacted the proper party  and got some more time. Bottom line - , she took care of everything, got all points removed and it was a stress free experience for me. I could not recommend her more highly. Beyond professional & responsive!
by Josh L
Thorough, Assertive and Amazing Service
Wendy proved to be an assertive, thorough and results based attorney. Her follow up, always in a timely manner.   She really took a great deal of stress and anxiety out my speeding ticket situation. I would and have recommend  NY Ticket Defenders to friends and colleagues!
by Jason L.
2 traffic tickets to a lesser charge which resulted in ZERO points!
Wendy Bishop was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she reduce my 2 traffic tickets to a lesser charge which resulted in ZERO points, she is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and very easily accessible! Thank you so much, Wendy!
by Stacy S.
Extremely Satisfied!
Wendy Bishop is excellent! She handled our issue with amazing attention, promptness and ease, and got us an excellent result! She communicated with us during the whole process and took all the stress off. It was a pleasure working with her. She is knowledgeable, smart and savvy and I highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Wendy!!!
by Elise