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Wendy Bishop fixed everything!
Wendy Bishop did an amazing job!! She was on top of the situation immediately, she was able to get several tickets dismissed, her fee was extremely reasonable.  I can't recommend her highly enough.
by Courtney K.
Life Saver!
Called Wendy for what I thought was a routine ticket, only to find out it was an emergency as I misread the dates and that my license had been suspended!  ON HER DAY OFF SHE TOOK CARE OF THIS and got the suspension lifted and is now on the case.  Totally went above and beyond for me.  Cannot recommend more highly.
by Lance H.
Awesome & Diligent!! Within in minutes she took care of it all!
I got a ticket in Astoria, Queens while making a left turn at a 'no turn' sign between the hours of 7-10 am.  I called Wendy to see if she can help me out and within in minutes she took care of it all! She went above and beyond to reduce my multiple-points ticket to zero!! I highly recommend her as your attorney.
by Maria M
3 different courts, got no points on my license
I want to thank Wendy Goldman Bishop for fighting all my tickets at 3 different courts, got no points on my license and ended up paying a small amount. Really good lawyer and she is really nice. Thank you Wendy
by Steven G.
kept me informed
I got two tickets, a speed and a cell phone out East.  I called NYTD and they took care of everything.  One ticket dismissed, the other was knocked down to zero points.  I never had to go to Court and they attorneys kept me informed each and every step of the way.  Lets hope I don't need them again, but if I do, I saved the number!
by Ken
Wendy is very knowledgeable
Outstanding Results!  Wendy is very knowledgeable, a wonderful advocate, and did a great job.  Highly recommend.
by Scott
Awesome traffic lawyer
I reached out to Wendy after I received a traffic violation in my town.  She met with me that weekend, went over the ticket and put my mind at ease.  She provided me her contact info, went over the process and pointed out she'd communicate with me every step of the way.  As it turns out the court in my town is rather difficult when it comes to these sorts of violations, but Wendy came through and had it reduced to a parking ticket. I'm going to do my best to make sure that I don't get caught in this type of situation again, but should the occasion arise, I'll definitely be giving Wendy a call.
by Daniel
As soon as my sister told me she got a ticket I told her to call Wendy Bishop immediately!
Wendy was extremely knowledgeable of the entire process. She was able to dismiss a cell phone ticket! She is the best lawyer on the industry and she is the only one to call of you get a ticket! She will go none and beyond to help all of her clients.
by Sandi G
Excellent service from beginning to end!
I cannot say enough great things about Wendy and her team at NY Ticket Defenders.  They handled my case expeditiously and without hastle. I had completele confidence in Wendy and she delivered with amazing results!
by Carin S.
Great results
Wendy is great. I had a stop sign ticket was facing 4 points on my license she went to court for me and got it reduced to 0 points.
by Liz Martin
I'm glad I have her by my side
I've gotten all type of  tickets and if it wasn't for Wendy I would have paid a lot of money and my  license would be suspended. I'm glad I have her by my side now I'm confident that if I receive a ticket I won't get any points.
by Kevin J
Wendy was a godsend!
I had gotten a speeding ticket right as I was supposed to be going away for the summer. Trying to figure out how I was going to deal with it was frustrating as anyone who has gotten a ticket knows. A friend recommended Wendy. She took care of everything over the phone. I couldn't believe it! She was in contact w me every step of the way...was very clear and upfront, and fees were reasonable. She was able to handle my ticket in a way that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own....and quickly! I will happily recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation I did. Wendy was a godsend!
by Amy
her exact words were " don't worry about it "
My wife received a speeding ticket in Suffolk county. NO fine or points decided on ticket as we needed to waste our time in Suffolk Court and face a traffic judge. It would have been a disaster for us for missing work and no doubt being found guilty ( if the cop even showed up ). We called Wendy Bishop and her exact words were " don't worry about it ". She did all the work and got the ticket reduced to no points with just a fine. Highly recommend Wendy; she was very attentive and was always in contact. THANK YOU
by Seth
Walked away from multiple moving violations with no points
Wendy was an avid resource throughout the entire process of fighting my speeding and stop sign tickets. Wendy communicated regularly, patiently explained the process, and guided me every step of the way. I walked away from multiple moving violations with no points.
by Sima L.
When I see a post about a win I know how relieved and grateful that client must feel
After being pulled over for the first time EVER, I was facing 7 points on my license. I was panicked and terrified that the points would affect my insurance, which I already struggle to pay every month. Wendy was recommended to me, and after my first conversation with her I already felt reassured and hopeful that there was a way out of this mess. She was so attentive and stayed in touch with me every step of the way. I never felt rushed, brushed off, or like a number, and she assured me that she wouldn't stop fighting until she met her goal of 0 points on my license, which she achieved quickly! She spent time explaining different aspects of the process to me when I asked, and was patient and kind. I wouldn't have been able to hold it together throughout that time without Wendy's confidence and experience. Even now I still follow the Ticket Defenders' page on Facebook, and when I see a post about a win I know how relieved and grateful that client must feel. All of my thanks to Wendy and company for helping me so much when I needed them!
by Samantha
Wendy fought 2 different tickets with amazing outcomes
Wendy fought 2 different tickets for me with amazing outcomes both times! She was patient, efficient and professional. I highly recommend NY Ticket Defenders!
by Abby S.
Amazing results! She was in contact with me entire time
Wendy was very professional and very knowledgeable. she was in contact with me entire time prior to court date and got amazing results as she told me she could!
by Pamela
The best!
Wendy is an outstanding attorney who got my 6 points reduced to zero!!! I can't thank her enough! I highly recommend her if you are ever in need of help!!
by Anonymous
Ticket Terminator
If you need a traffic attorney call Wendy Goldman Bishop. Wendy is truly a great a lawyer. She knows exactly how to strategize and properly defend a ticket.  She is extremely knowledgeable with the law and Courtroom procedures, professional, polite and efficient.  Wendy is well respected by judges, attorneys and police officers, as well.  If you get a ticket call Wendy Goldman Bishop. I did and I am thrilled with the results.  She is the best.
by MV
Such a pleasure!
I had such a great experience working with Wendy for my ticket that as soon as my husband got a ticket, I said call her right away.  She is reliable, effective, and very competent.  She gets the job done. She is very direct and honest and would never mislead you.  I highly recommend Wendy!  And I do all of the time!
by Amanda A.