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Exceptional service and victory
I engaged Wendy after receiving my ticket an experience that left me in shock and continuous distress about the possible outcome of the case more especially with the pouts to be on my license, however, today am left with a smile and joy by Wendy for successfully defending and got the ticket dismissed.
by Abubacarr
Amazing results
I was scared I would lose my license due to many tickets and points. Wendy and her team helped me get through it all as if it never happened. I truly recommend her, she is great.
by Graciela Diaz
Crossed a solid line without using a blinker and an officer decided to bury me. Gave me 4 tickets in one shot racking up 10 points and huge fines. Wendy was able to make it all disappear. No points and no fines! I don’t know how she did it but I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you wendy!!
by Antonio
Saved my life!
Wendy saved me from losing my license for a very long time, 2 horrible speeding tickets back to back she made disappear like nothing happened. Truly the best to work with, she let me know how the whole process will go and kept me updated all the time. Highly recommend wendy!!
by Devin Singh
Took care of all
First time I’ve ever used a lawyer for a traffic violation. Received a somewhat minor citation for a wrong turn. Totally my fault but I figured I’d try to fight. Whole process was taken care of from start to finish. Spoke with wendy at the beginning instructed me what to do. Or really not to do as she basically handled everything. She got a great result for me no points. Will definitely use again. Mark. H
by Mark h
Received a very bad speeding ticket 100mph in a 55mph zone had expected nothing but the worst. Nyc ticket defenders saved my license and saved my insurance from going up at all. Amazing service great experience will be definitely be back at some point in the future I’m sure.
by Matt Grgas
Completely Satisfied
Wendy Bishop was a pleasure to work with. She always kept me updated throughout the entire process and told me exactly what was going on. I would recommend her to anyone!
by Melissa Dericioglu
Very satisfied client
Found wendy on Facebook and very happy I did. We received two separate tickets each with a hefty fine plus points. She reduced the tickets to no points which I was satisfied with . She was easy to deal with prompt responses by phone or email. knows her stuff competent and followed through on everything. Honest and reliable. Would definitely recommend
by Susan Steinberg
Professional and effective
NY Ticket defenders handled my Manhattan moving violation. In a place where you can’t beat a ticket, Wendy did! Thanks so much for your help.! I hope I don’t need to contact you again, but if I find myself in the same position, I won’t hesitate to hire you again. Many thanks.
by Fred W.
Fantastic Results, Again!
Once again, Wendy and her team were wonderful to work with and achieved unthinkable results. So greatly for her professional demeanor, honesty, and ability to get the job done. I would refer her to anyone that needs her services without reservation.
by Shirin Green
When I got my speeding ticket I was so upset and nervous! Wendy put me at ease with just one phone call! She kept us updated with everything going on and was always easy to reach. Wendy got my ticket dismissed and no points!! Highly recommended!!
by Brianna
Very competent and great result
I am an attorney but am at a complete loss and disadvantage when it comes to this area of law. I found Wendy very competent, thorough and extremely reliable and available for any questions. The results were better than I could have expected. I highly recommend Wendy without any hesitation.
by John Ryan
She is incredible!
Wendy was able to reduce my ticket down to an infraction. I could not believe the results. She is amazing. I absolutely love her.
by Monis
The truth
The truth is Wendy has your back any and all tickets will be taken care of, why? BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST! If you’re like me work and life in general keep you busy, it’s easy to forget a ticket here a court day there. Resulting in suspension notices etc. With the services Wendy Bishop offers know you have one less thing to worry, need I say more?. Don’t have to worry about commuting to the court, have your tickets won, all for a reasonable price YES PLEASE! To anyone thinking or unsure if they should get a lawyer trust me you should why take chances on your license get the best support and representative for you and that’s Wendy Bishop.
by Christian Olivares
Extremely confident
I highly recommend New York Ticket Defenders, Wendy Bishop represented my case and my initial consultation made me extremely confident that she would be able to help my situation. Her expertise, sense of professionalism, and her detailed explanation of what to expect was very comforting to me. Wendy and team were able to get my ticket dismissed, and they notified me in a timely manner. Great service! They know what they are doing!
by Nazim W
Amazing work
Wendy is great at what she does. She helped me from getting my license suspended & even helped me be removed from scofflaw status. Would definitely recommend her for all your ticket needs.
by Jorge Garcia
Grateful for NY Ticket Defenders help!
Wendy Bishop did an amazing job taking care of a very complex ticket situation. I highly recommend her firm-do not try to do this yourself. I am so grateful for her professionalism, communication with me, and the results of hiring her. Thank you!
by Jenny Britt
The ease of this experience cannot be understated. I called the number on the website less than a week before my court date and Wendy accepted my case with no hesitation. She came through on her promise that she would get me no points or fines. She is very knowledgeable about the whole process and knows how to win. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a traffic court lawyer.
by Robert Steinmann
Simply the best!
I cannot say enough about Wendy and her team at NY Ticket Defenders. Let’s just say I got a VERY bad ticket at the very end of October 2018. I knew I could never win if I fought it alone. Wendy worked tirelessly for 6 months to get my ticket reduced filing all necessary paperwork, making court appearances, filing motions etc. I don’t even know all she did for me because she 100% eliminated all ticket related stress from my life. She kept me informed every step of the way and never gave up when the offer was not to her liking. She is fierce, hard working and the epitome of professional. Case officially closed today and ZERO points on my license! If you need ticket help, Wendy is your woman.
by Lori
Amazing Results!!!
Wendy is very professional and trustworthy she did an amazing job to completely wiped out my red light ticket no points nor penalties...
by Padmenie Singh