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Attorney Wendy Bishop (Esq), Greta Boldi & other NYTD fights NY state traffic violations.


Speeding Ticket Lawyer NY

Speeding tickets can carry a penalty of up to 11 points. Do NOT risk losing your license! Speak with an attorney before you decide to plead guilty.

Get caught driving a little too fast ? Don’t worry!! Slow down first, but call Wendy Bishop Attorney. She will help you and your driving record !! She’s amazing !!!!! Thank you Wendy !!!!!

— Alicia C.

DWI / DUI Lawyer

DWI – Driving While Intoxicated; DUI – Driving Under the Influence Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense. Loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, and a possible jail term are the common consequences.


Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer NY

In NY State, while driving –

  • talking on a hand held cell phone
  • ‘texting’
  • or using any ‘Portable Electronic Device’ like a GPS

costs 5 points now, and is considered ‘twice as dangerous as drunk driving’.

Wendy Goldman Bishop attorney is the best in town- no words can express the amazing results she was able to obtain. If you have a ticket, hire @ NY Ticket Defenders !!!!

— Spencer S.

Say NO to points. Get an attorney to help you handle your case.


TLC Tickets Lawyer

Taxi and Limousine Commision (TLC) Many tickets issued by TLC officers are the same as those issued by the police.

…. 5 point ticket down to ZERO. Just the fine. I was out of town the court date and Wendy went way beyond to help me and take care of the situation from beginning to end. I called her when I got the ticket. Wendy went out of her way to meet me that night. Explained the process to me in detail and in no time it was handled in both a timely and a professional manor.

— Howie S.

Plead guilty or not plead guilty – that is the question. Get the correct Answer!


Commercial Truck Tickets

Attention commercial truck drivers, a police stop does not always end with an Off Truck Route citation. Several other tickets that are often issued at the same time include:

  • off truck route
  • overloaded axles
  • fire extinguishers missing
  • missing mirrors
  • DOT stamps missing

Refusal Hearings

Did you refuse to allow the officer to administer a breathalyzer test? You will have to appear at a refusal hearing to have your license re-instated.

Two licenses that were suspended were re-instated and a client facing a 4 point speeding violation was found NOT GUILTY – ticket dismissed!

NYTD has helped thousands of people regarding NY Traffic Tickets. View Testimonials.

Traffic violations have a heavy impact on people’s lives and we treat them seriously.

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Wendy Bishop, Esq Lawyer, NY Traffic Ticket Attorney

Attorney Wendy Bishop has over 20 years of trial experience. She is a zealous, strong and effective advocate for drivers across the State of New York.
New York traffic ticket attorney Greta Boldi

Greta Boldi Lawyer, NY Traffic Ticket Attorney

A graduate of Touro Law School with over 14 years of courtroom experience on Long Island and all five boroughs.

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