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Incredible Post Comment
by Bernie
Friday Mar 06, 2020 comments: 0
Crossed a solid line without using a blinker and an officer decided to bury me. Gave me 4 tickets in one shot racking up 10 points and huge fines. Wendy was able to make it all disappear. No points and no fines! I don’t know how she did it but I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Wendy!!
Exceptional service and victory Post Comment
by Matt
Friday Mar 06, 2020 comments: 0
I engaged Wendy after receiving my ticket an experience that left me in shock and continuous distress about the possible outcome of the case more especially with the pouts to be on my license, however, today am left with a smile & joy by Wendy for successfully defending and got the ticket dismissed.
Mar 14,2020

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