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An overweight ticket can feel like an immense burden on your license and your livelihood as a CDL trucker. With severe financial penalties and the potential to tarnish your professional reputation, such a ticket can put your career on the line. That’s why at NY Ticket Defenders, we are committed to offering you the kind of legal assistance that makes a difference.

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CDL Overweight Ticket Lawyer

What is a CDL Overweight Ticket?

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Overweight Ticket is a citation issued to drivers of commercial vehicles when those vehicles are found to exceed legally defined weight limits. These limits can include total gross weight as well as specific weight restrictions on axles. Weight limitations are set for various reasons, including safety concerns and to prevent wear and tear on roads and infrastructure.

When and Where Can Overweight Tickets Be Issued?

Overweight tickets are typically issued at weigh stations, although roadside inspections by law enforcement officers equipped with portable scales can also result in such citations. In some cases, you may be directed to the nearest weigh station for an official weighing if you are suspected of being overweight while on the road.

What Factors Determine Weight Limits?

Different jurisdictions have different weight limits, and these can also vary depending on the type of road (e.g., interstate highways, state roads, local roads). Factors such as the number of axles on the vehicle, type of cargo, and specific state or federal regulations can all influence the weight limitations.

Why Are Weight Limits Enforced?

Safety Concerns

Overweight trucks are harder to control and require greater stopping distances. This increases the risk of accidents.

Infrastructure Preservation

Excessive weight can cause significant damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Fair Competition

Enforcing weight limits ensures that all commercial carriers are operating on a level playing field.

How Does an Overweight Ticket Affect CDL?

An overweight ticket can have several significant implications for someone who holds a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL):

Financial Penalties

The immediate impact of an overweight ticket is often a hefty fine. These fines can be substantial and increase based on how much the vehicle is over the legal weight limit.

Points on Your License

Overweight tickets can result in points being added to your CDL, depending on the jurisdiction and specific circumstances of the violation. Accumulating too many points can lead to a suspended or revoked license, affecting your ability to work as a commercial driver.

Legal Consequences

Continual violations can result in legal repercussions beyond fines and points. Repeat offenders may face misdemeanor or even felony charges, which could lead to criminal records. This can be a significant deterrent for future employers and might impede your ability to secure driving contracts.

Professional Repercussions

Your employer will likely be unhappy about the overweight ticket for several reasons, not least because it reflects poorly on their compliance with transportation regulations. This could lead to disciplinary action, including termination in some cases.

Impact on Future Employment

Having one or multiple overweight tickets on your record can affect your employability. Some companies have stringent policies against hiring drivers with certain types of violations on their records.

Compliance and Audits

Frequent overweight violations can attract scrutiny from regulatory agencies, making your employer more susceptible to audits and investigations. This, in turn, could affect the company’s ability to secure contracts, indirectly impacting your job security.

Operational Delays

Being cited for an overweight violation typically means that you’ll have to offload the excess weight before you can proceed, leading to delays that can affect schedules and result in late delivery penalties.

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When defending against CDL overweight tickets, we bring years of substantial experience to the table. Our seasoned CDL Overweight Ticket Lawyers deeply understand New York’s intricate traffic laws and a proven track record of successfully defending CDL truckers like yourself.

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Our priority is securing outcomes that protect your interests. We’ve successfully contested many overweight tickets, saving our clients from massive fines and safeguarding their professional standing. We’re here to do the same for you.

Strategic Approach

Every case is unique, and we tailor our legal strategies accordingly. Through comprehensive case analysis, we identify the most effective approach to counter the allegations against you, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Don’t Let an Overweight Ticket Weigh You Down

A single mistake shouldn’t define your career. When you’re hit with an overweight ticket, you need a formidable defense to protect your CDL status and keep you on the road. With NY Ticket Defenders by your side, you’re not just hiring a CDL Overweight Ticket Lawyer but investing in peace of mind.

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How Much Are Overweight Tickets?

The cost of an overweight ticket can vary widely depending on the jurisdiction, how much the vehicle is over the weight limit, and other specific circumstances of the violation. In some places, fines can start at several hundred dollars and increase incrementally based on each additional pound over the limit. In more extreme cases, especially for repeat offenders, fines can escalate into the thousands of dollars.

Does an Overweight Ticket Go on Your Record?

Yes, an overweight ticket usually goes on your driving record. This can lead to points being added to your CDL, which, if accumulated, could result in the suspension or revocation of your license. Having an overweight ticket on your record may also influence your employability, as some employers might hesitate to hire drivers with such violations.

How Do I Fight an Overweight Ticket?

Fighting an overweight ticket typically involves challenging the accuracy of the weight measurement or the procedures followed during the citation process. Here are some steps to consider:

Collect Evidence

Take note of any circumstances that could have led to an inaccurate weight reading, such as the condition of the weigh station or the method used to weigh the vehicle.

Consult a CDL Overweight Ticket Lawyer

Given the complexities of commercial driving laws, consult a CDL Overweight Ticket Lawyer who has experience dealing with overweight tickets for CDL holders.

Notify Your Employer

Depending on your company’s policy, they might offer support or resources for fighting the ticket.

Court Appearance

Most jurisdictions require you to make a court appearance to contest the ticket. Make sure you or your legal representative are present on the day.

Challenge the Citation

During the court proceeding, you or your legal representative can challenge the evidence presented against you. This could involve questioning the accuracy of the scales, the qualifications of the person who weighed your vehicle, or the methods used during the weighing process.


In some cases, a plea deal might be possible, where you could plead guilty to a lesser charge with fewer ramifications for your driving record and professional standing.

Await the Verdict

Once all evidence has been presented, the court will decide. If you successfully contest the ticket, the fines and penalties may be reduced or waived, and the citation may be removed from your record.